Ryan + Renada | Summer Georgia Wedding

February 20, 2018

So glad to finally have this sweet, southern, summertime wedding up on the blog! Even through the  intense Georgia heat, this couple was super laid back the whole day and SO thrilled to finally be married! It is always an honor to be a part of the beginning of sweet marriages like this, and there are always certain parts of a wedding day that really stick with me. Whether I’m a guest, bridesmaid, or the photographer, there are specific moments from every wedding I attend that I’ll never forget.

For Ryan and Randi’s big day, it was when all the girls were ready. Hair done, dresses donned, make-up touched up…and all eyes on the bride. The morning had been a flurry of stories and laughter as these ladies prepared to celebrate their dear friend. Yet as the preparations were completed, a different tone came upon the room. Their dearest friend was about to make a covenant. Some were married and some were not, but each bridesmaid felt the weight of the deep commitment Randi was about to enter. Surrounding and laying hands on her, these friends lifted Randi, Ryan, and their marriage up in prayer.

This often happens before weddings and it is always touching, but somehow this time was different. As I listened to these sweet ladies pray, I realized that they were more than just friends and bridesmaids. To them, there was more than just getting to wear a pretty dress, hold flowers, party, and physically stand by the bride. These ladies were Randi’s dear friends, yes, but they were also her encouragers, her accountability partners, and her sweet sisters in Christ who would faithfully be praying for her marriage not just on this day, but for her whole life. This bride tribe would be standing by the bride for much longer than the wedding ceremony that day.

You chose your gals well, Randi! What a great feeling to be marrying your best friend with a tribe and family cheering for you in this way! Loved being a part of this celebration, and let’s be honest, those florals are amazingggg. Congratulations Ryan and Renada! We’re cheering for you too.<3



CEREMONY | Calvary Baptist Church

RECEPTION | Pleasant Union Farm

PHOTOGRAPHER | Jenny Frances Photography


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