Welcome, friend! We are PJ and Jenny, husband and wife, best friends, and wedding photographers! There’s nothing we love more than getting to cheer on our couples in their marriage as we photograph for the joy of remembrance, the details and emotions you’ll want to hold on to forever, and to rekindle your love and legacy for generations to come!

Catch a glimpse into our everyday life (when we’re not behind the camera) and you’ll find us baking homemade pizza (at least once a week), navigating around food allergies (makes life more of an adventure), traveling to new places (you bet we have a bucket list), and having both deep conversations and hilarious bouts of laughter!


Charlotte Freed Photography, edited for JFP.

we love:

Jesus - we live for him because he died and rose again for us.

Traveling - especially to new places. Ask about our bucket list...if your destination is on it, you'd get a discount (like a serious discount!)!

Pizza - especially homemade pesto pizza fresh out of the oven, gluten-free of course (cue all the allergies).

Love letters - handwritten, heartfelt, classy, and romantic.

Swing dancing - a favorite date before we were married, and still a fun pass-time and date night in the kitchen!

Snow days - the coziest and most fun type of day there is (and yes we will still shoot your session if it's snowing!).

Joyful wife.
Jesus follower.
New York raised.
Basil pesto enthusiast.
Former dancer.
Chaser of beautiful light, genuine smiles, and simple ways to be an encouragement to others.

Meet Jenny

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Charlotte Freed Photography, edited for JFP.

Husband extraordinaire.
Jesus follower.
Pennsylvania raised.
Pizza enthusiast.
Idea generator.
Chaser of God, impactful conversations, and any chance to go to Italy. 

Meet PJ

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Charlotte Freed Photography, edited for JFP.

We are so excited to have recently launched our podcast, 100's of Years of Marriage Advice (YOMA for short!), where we interview couples from all different backgrounds and marriage lengths! We believe that marriage can (and was designed to) be wonderful! If you can't tell already, we love investing in marriages, and we are so honored to do this through both photography and the podcast!

Meet YOma

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Charlotte Freed Photography, edited for JFP.