Our Casual Beach Anniversary Session

July 3, 2020

Back at the end of May, PJ and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! That day happened to fall during my family’s annual beach vacation, so the morning before our anniversary, PJ and I took a little scampering out on the beach to catch the dreamy morning light. The wind was intense and our hair reaped the consequences, but I will forever cherish these casual beach anniversary photos.

These past three years of marriage with my best friend have been nothing short of fantastic. That’s not to say that we haven’t gone through trials, but that it is a JOY to pursue God together in marriage and constantly spur each other on to love, learn, and grow.

On our anniversary, we slipped out from the beach to hunt down the nearest Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. For YEARS I have heard of PJ’s insane talent at DDR, but it wasn’t until our third anniversary that I actually got to SEE it! I’m still floored, and you can be too, cause I have posted a video over on our Instagram. Best anniversary ever. 😉




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