Introducing Everyday Lizzy Boutique

August 14, 2020

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Everyday Lizzy Boutique!

Yes, it’s true! We have started a Pride and Prejudice inspired boutique! Back in April, I found myself with some extra time on my hands due to quarantine and decided to resurface an old idea. When I pitched the vision to PJ, he was immediately on board! Fast forward four months, and here we are launching an online ladies’ leisurewear shop inspired by Jane Austen’s beloved novel.

My love for Pride and Prejudice began over a decade and a half ago when my dearest, longest friend introduced me to the book and mini-series. I immediately resonated with Lizzy’s spunk and wit. Fast forward several years, and I even rejected my very own Mr. Darcy at his first offer of a relationship! Sorry about that PJ. 😉

What is it that makes us swoon so much over this story? What is it that keeps us engaged the entire time? And why can’t a girl find a shirt that says, “Dearest, Loveliest”? Out of my passion for Pride and Prejudice and search for clothing that resonates with a modern day Lizzy was born Everyday Lizzy Boutique…and we are now OPEN!

There is a fabulous giveaway going on both at our Facebook and Instagram pages – the giveaway closes this Saturday so head on over to enter! The prize is definitely “handsome enough to tempt” you! 😉

Our launch line pieces are available for pre-order through Wednesday, August 19th. After this, it will just be a couple weeks, and then we will have everything in stock! You can take a turn about the shop here!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, and don’t worry, Jenny Frances Photography isn’t going anywhere!

Wildflowers from the fabulous Irvington Spring Farm.

Photos taken by Jenny Frances Photography at the impeccable Atelier Studio and Gathering Space.

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